What are your hours?
Tuesdays - Saturdays - 11-7pm
Thursdays - 11-5pm
Sundays & Mondays - Closed

How old do I have to be to get tattooed?
18 with a valid State ID card
American Inkwell
WILL NOT tattoo anyone under the age of 18, even with guardian's written consent.

How old do I have to be to get pierced?
18 with a valid State ID card
Minors may get certain piercings with the following:
Your legal guardian must be present to fill out the standard paperwork and both the minor and the adult must have ID. The minors ID (Drivers, FOID, Passport, or School ID) must have a picture of the person and name (Medical cards, driving permits, and Social Security cards
WILL NOT work as a minors ID)
Minors must conscientiously ask for the piercings and be old enough to understand and follow the basic healing regimen, we
WILL NOT pierce infants and toddlers.

When can I get pierced?
Any time we are open during normal business hours. Walk-ins are always welcome for piercings, but it does not hurt to call to see if the piercer is in and available, or if you are interested in pricing.

How do I go about setting up an appointment for a tattoo?
Appointments can only be set in-person. American Inkwell
WILL NOT set any tattoo appointments over the phone. We require a 50% deposit/retainer to be left to schedule any appointments with either artist. Deposits left will go towards total price of work unless 24 hrs notice is not given to cancel your appointment. American Inkwell WILL NOT refund any money left for tattoo appointments.

Do you do walk-ins for tattoos?
Walk-ins are welcome, but based on availability of artist. We strongly suggest calling ahead to check for any open time the artists might have.